Primary Health Care

To provide medical support for the poor community, the Doctor, Paramedics and Health workers regularly attending in the PDAP health care centre. PDAP provides preventive and curative services through experienced health personnel. It imparts health & nutrition education to the community people.

Awareness intervention of PDAP specially focus on HIV/AIDS, reproductive healthcare, child sexual abuse and the environment to raise awareness in group members as well as the community to prevent the saver affect of these issues.

Regarding Family Planning the following measures are taken :

  • Awareness raising on birth control proper spacing between pregnancy & examination, mental preparation of couples for the arrival of their first child.
  • Providing antenatal & postnatal care on immunization of all pregnant mother against Tetanus.
  • Providing essential drugs and vaccines
  • Prepare adolescent mother physically, psychologically & materially for delivery & lactation as well as remove anxiety associated & delivery.
  • Providing adequate knowledge in respect of elements of child care nutrition, personal hygiene & environmental sanitation.
  • Provide awareness on mass wearing and hand washing to protect from Covid-19



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