“Education and Nutrition support for the orphanage”

Supported by Children of Hope


As there was no proper schooling or learning centre, on communitys demand a learning centre was started provisioning with nutritional support to the neo learners which may act as an incentive to parents and children.

The education centre of PDAP is running with total 50 orphan and poor children, both girls and boys. They are receiving education, nutrition and awareness on Health and hygiene respectively. The programme is continued as usual.

Activities and Results to Date

In the month of November, teacher and staff of PDAP started Bangla book side by side numeric. Education programme in the slum and camp area has been continued. During the survey the community was informed of the project activities. Out of hundred household, 50 children are 4-6 are 7-9years old girls were selected to enroll for pre schooling programme. Our main goal is to improve their nutrition and education quality.

First week of every month, a parents meeting was called to discuss about the project activities and how their children will be benefited, we also discussed their cooperation will be required to full fill the goal. All parents agreed to provide necessary support for the activities of the project.

Parents monthly meeting is going on regularly as per the plan to keep them informed about the childrens progress.

Target Population/Beneficiaries to Date

The target population are orphan and from poor families living in the slum area, Mirpur. The selected children are of pre-primary age 4-6 years and 7-9years, a total of 50 boys and girls are enrolled in two education centre.

The target students are from poor backgrounds and do not have nutritious food at home. The children often come to the centre without taking breakfast properly, they are weak and unable to concentrate. PDAPs centre is providing nutritious food daily as some refreshment. All students are very happy and love to attend their classes and the performance is progressing.

Project Impact to Date

We are not really expecting an impact within this short time however we felt that, through regular monthly parents meetings, positive feedback has been received from parents who are very pleased to get this opportunity for their children. Parents are saying that their children are interested, a positive attitude towards learning and education. Parents appreciate education for their children without fees. The nutritious snack act as an incentive for both parents and children.

In terms of the pre-school childrens, ECCD (Early Childhood Care and Development) methodology is introduced in their classes, they have finished learning Sareo to Ou the Bangla alphabet and numeric 1-10. They are also practicing hand-writing. The children are learning basic numeracy and most of them are able to write from 1 to 20.

The selected adolescents have learnt the Bangla alphabet and beginning basic reading Amar Boi- 1st part and Prathomic Ganit-1st part. All girls are receiving information on social issues as well as basic education.

Activities Planned For The Next Reporting Period

Over the next 6 months the pre-primary children will complete the Bangla alphabet, both reading and writing, and will build on their numeric knowledge. Children will be introduced to basic words. In the mean time health status will be evaluated by the health worker at PDAP.


There were more children in the target community the biggest challenge was to select out from them the 50 children for the project as their was a limitations of the class size. Many students /Parents were interested in sending their wards to the learning centre, but due to the class size restrictions and fund constraints, were not able to enrol in the learning centre. If we can start another centre in the camp area of Mirpur for the poor children, then it would be helpful for the parents for sending their children to the education cenre.

One challenge is the availability of the room size in the slum area, which restricts the ability of children to play freely. Bigger and large compound houses are not available for rent in the area.

Sustainability of results & lessons learnt

Children are self motivated to attend the learning centre. Parents are also very happy to have such a centre.

PDAP has gained a good understanding of the community felt needs, and the requirement of more schools in different camps.



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