Aims and Objectives

Keeping in view the deplorable condition of the slum areas and the life of its inhabitants. PDAP aims to address the deeds of the vulnerable ground specially the women, adolescent girls and children. The specific objectives of the organization are as follows :

  • To reach the target population through organized them into groups.
  • To impart functional education and training to the illiterate women, girls and children.
  • To provide credit facilities for employment generation
  • To design and implement different socio economic status of the disadvantaged women and adolescent girls.
  • To provide health care services for the destitute.
  • To bring out different types of publications to support the development programs.
  • To assist in programs run by different Government and don-government organization for the welfare of distressed community.
  • To impart family life education to the adolescent girls and pre-schooling orientation to the destitute children.
  • To help establish social rights of the disadvantaged women and adolescent girls to improve their quality of life.
  • To undertake water sanitation and environmental program.
  • Children rights and children program.



Plot # 8 (1st Floor),
Avenue # 4, Block # C,
Sector # 6, Mirpur,

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